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“Singing in the Key of We” means everyone is on the same page representing your organization accurately, compellingly to its fullest potential. We help you build net positive relational capital which is akin to having airbags in a car. You don’t know when you need them, and you don’t want to experience a revenue threatening situation without them.

Why use experienced crisis recovery experts?

Walking on a tight rope takes years of training. Small mistakes easily trigger secondary crises. For over 30 years, we have helped cities, schools, small and large businesses, foundations, doctors, police and fire organizations, churches, lawyers, teenagers, families, elected officials, entrepreneurs, and many others recover from bad news (real and fake) and downright false accusations.

When is Crisis Management needed?

When the demand for your goods, services, renewals, or referrals slow down or stop, or new opportunities are stymied due to an unwarranted or warranted damaged public image.

What is Crisis Management?

The proactive, expert intervention to mitigate and resolve anything that causes significant disruption to an organization and/or threatens the bottom line.

So why the fuss about courtesy, etiquette, and Social Passport Skills? From clients battling public outrage, votes of no confidence, donor departures, scandals, massive lawsuits, municipal failings, we realized nearly all of them had one thing in common... Unintentional rudeness.

Learning how to spot common triggers, acquiring relational capital is akin to installing “air bags” for protection when the inevitable mistake, accusation, or product/service failure happens.

We don't assume we know it all. We test our work.

If you’re an attorney, whether your client is a seasoned CEO, or a 14-year-old who made an innocent mistake, you know the swift ruthlessness of the court of public opinion.

Your client needs messaging outside of the court to support your legal strategies and actions.

We develop narratives and messaging plus offer blind-testing of messages for high-stakes cases.
Benjamin Franklin’s advice is as true today, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”


5 star review
“Crystal was a trusted partner to MAAS in a time where our leadership team needed guidance in an area outside our expertise. From the moment I reached out to her, she was completely committed to me, our team and our success. Crystal’s proactive approach and consistent respect for the values of our team and company, resulted in an incredibly successful outcome for a very sensitive and challenging situation.”

— Lori O’Keefe, President, MAAS Companies, Inc.

5 star review

“I represented a government entity, which, through no fault of its own, was forced to quickly explain a massive accounting error requiring additional taxes owed during the holidays. I referred the client to Crystal because there was unfair public outcry that the client was responsible for the accounting error. Crystal and her team developed a strategy using the media, door hangers, robocalls, and more to manage the situation resulting in fair coverage. When it comes to the court of public opinion, Crystal protected my client’s reputation. I strongly recommend her to anyone who is facing a communication crisis or public misperception.”

— Mark Wilson, Trial Attorney, Klein & Wilson

5 star review
“Business, community, media, team training—Crystal and her team provide valuable consulting to our businesses. Some people are in our lives not by choice, but by a divine connection. Crystal and I share this unique relationship, and I am grateful to God.”

— Katina Holliday, FNP, Founder & CEO, Holliday’s Helping Hands

5 star review

“Crystal Rockwood of Rockwood Communications helped us in a very contentious business litigation matter with “Bet the Company” stakes. Crystal is a forward thinker whose brilliance can only be understood through working with her. She developed effective strategy to get us where we wanted to go and get the best results possible.”

— Mahyar A. Ghassemian, Attorney at Law, Ghassemian Law Group, APC

5 star review

“Crystal Rockwood is highly proficient in helping businesses and organizations craft their communications in a way that aligns with their objectives and vision. She is a true leader, coalition builder, and knows how to bring people together in a way that helps them reach their potential. Crystal is positive, energetic, and has a passion for helping people. As a result of working with Crystal, we understand our roles, have clearly defined expectations, and are optimistic about our future.”

— Christopher McCormick, President & CEO, Cedar City Chamber of Commerce

5 star review

“I've seen Crystal negotiate contentious client disputes to rescue business reputations at the risk of losing funding and franchise rights. Her skills complement our efforts in protecting the client.”

— Debbie Dickson, CPA, President, Smith Dickson CPAs

5 star review
“Our company was faced with a crisis which needed to be communicated. Delicate information had to be quickly disseminated to ensure stability in our organization and prevent a panic. I didn’t think much when it was suggested to engage a publicist as we often send companywide communications; I couldn’t have been more wrong.

“Crystal and her team moved quickly. First to understand our existing writing cadence so the communications would be sincere. Then to strategize the messages in a clear and bold manner so our employees knew our leadership was intact. Because of her experience, Crystal provided invaluable advice to quickly control the messaging before any speculation and rumor began.”

— Lee M. Gross, CPA, Executive Vice-President Platinum Home Mortgage

"A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold."
— Proverbs 22:1