positive social relations


Establishing new entities
Enhancing existing community profiles
Changing false perceptions

How well do you know your core geographic community?

The place where you get groceries, buy gas, go to the gym, have doctor appointments or see parades. With the increase of remote workers, having a reputation as a ‘good corporate citizen’ matters even more. Even if your target audience is in another state or country; how you treat people in your own backyard is visible on the global stage.

Becoming a community asset requires understanding the particular makeup of your community, its core anatomy, influencers and more. That’s where we do the leg work for you. We also spot anything that might get in your way such as negative or inaccurate perceptions about your product or services. They may have been caused by you or by a lingering toxic cloud from your predecessors. We take polls, conduct interviews and create a road map that will help you leap frog toward your goals.

Clients appreciate our mastery at building and mending bridges for their strategic goals.

Community Relations Stewardship

Moving a business into a new community looks easy against the backdrop of projected revenue, sales, growth. Becoming a likeable ‘corporate’ citizen—the kind people will support in good and bad times—requires intentional strategy whether you’re operating a manufacturing facility or selling goat soap at the weekend farmers’ market.

We equip your team to be the best ambassadors they can with customized strategies and messaging to gain and sustain traction in their community. Time and resources are limited. Make the time you do have for your community COUNT.

Benefits of Productive Community Relations

  • How to identify the various sectors and influencers within any community
  • Realistic and efficient initiatives for making productive connections
  • How to become a valuable asset to your community
  • How to spot red flags about your organization’s local reputation

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We help municipalities and organizations set up protocols to generate valued, fruitful relations with existing and potential clients. Our method is cost effective and aimed at building and protecting long-term community relationships.


5 star review
“It has been an honor and pleasure working with you on our project. I really enjoyed your style and learned a few things in the process.”

— Troy Butzlaff, Former City Administrator, City of Placentia

5 star review

“I have had the pleasure of working with Rockwood Communications Counsel for many years. I have brought RCC in to my clients for their expertise in crisis communications and also to help plan PR campaigns and assist in business growth and expansion. Crystal is a master of her craft, and clients are comforted by her presence immediately (particularly in difficult and stressful situations). I have no hesitation when referring RCC to my clients and they always make us look good when we do.”

— Brian Selvan, Labor & Employment Attorney, Walraven & Westerfeld LLP

5 star review
“Crystal is a skilled and highly effective communications strategist. It has been a privilege to watch her in action and to work with her multiple times as part of a collaborative communications team. Crystal’s insight on effective messaging has been extremely valuable in helping clients achieve their goals, whether to promote a brand, build a culture, preempt a PR strike, or resurrect a reputation. She brings a wealth of experience and success to the table, which is more important than ever in this age of immediate, constant and often negative communication.”

— Marie DiSante, Managing Partner, CDF Labor Law LLP

5 star review

“I think of Crystal as part of the Port View Prep Family. Her care for us as her client and her desire to know everything she could about our business and the students we serve showed what a dedicated professional she is. Simply put, Marketing and Public Relations and Outreach equals Crystal Rockwood. As a business owner and Chief Executive Officer, it gives me great confidence having Crystal, and our company is in better shape because she is on our team. It is truly a privilege to be her client.”

— Dr. Edward Miguel, Co-Founder & Principal, Port View Preparatory Schools

5 star review

“When I asked Crystal Rockwood to serve on the College of Humanities and Social Sciences Advisory Board in 2019, I knew she was smart and incisive; since then, she has been instrumental in developing a number of projects that support our goals and our students. I am impressed with her ability to think critically through an issue and her willingness to help HSS make connections with entities both in the region as well as globally. These and her drive to keep college and student interests foremost in her work with SUU has made Crystal an integral member of our board.”

— Jean Boreen, Dean College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Southern Utah University

5 star review

“I've used Crystal Rockwood many times for client matters. She is one of my firm's most effective and trusted resources when dealing with high-profile cases. I successfully ran for Costa Mesa City Council. It was a tough race with substantial media coverage. Crystal was the first person I turned to for advice in dealing with the media. The input she provided about tone, content and process in responding to press inquiries was absolutely invaluable. I'm convinced she was instrumental in the positive outcome we achieved in the campaign.”

— John B. Stephens, Business Attorney, Stephens Friedland LLP

"Without counsel, plans fail, but with many advisers, they succeed."
— Proverbs 15:22