community relations

What is Community Relations and Why is it Important?

by The Maclyn Group Community relations is a buzzword that gets thrown around often, but do you know what it truly means and how important it is? “Community” is an extensive term, but in business it’s about creating mutually beneficial partnerships within the greater demographic area your business serves. Community relations is an excellent means...Continue reading

riding backwards

Mitigate Negative Publicity

QUESTION: How do you know when someone else has stolen your narrative? ANSWER: When you see your horse out of the barn wearing someone else’s saddle going in the wrong direction. We mitigate negative publicity, existing or anticipated. Don’t let others tell your story.

banquet dinner table

Fundraising: How Not to Shoot Yourself in the Foot

By Crystal Rockwood Serial donors offer tips on avoiding common pitfalls which affect donations. At a recent meeting on fundraising tips for non-profits in Orange County, several veteran donors offered tips for making fundraising efforts a great success. You’ve put in countless hours to prepare for your company’s big fundraising event and when the day...Continue reading

seagull overhead

Courtly Manners: Are Your Emails Rude?

By Crystal Rockwood At a legal industry retreat where 25 attorneys from various firms and companies are discussing business outreach strategy, opinions about email etiquette fly around the room – many delivered like an unwelcome gift from a seagull. “No one cares if you sign your name or not to an email,” one attorney says...