Social skills help drive clarity


Social Passport Skills provide access to game-changing opportunities in the workplace, socially, and globally. Confidently connect with others or strangers for mutually beneficial relationships isn’t intuitive but can be easily learned. Stop shooting yourself in the foot and create exciting opportunities for yourself with people you want to know.

The Deciding Factor: Promotion, Deal, Donation?

Navigating the unchartered waters of social interactions is often key in who gets chosen: For the promotion, the account, the donation; the list goes on. Sadly, the minefield is littered with lost opportunities because the wrong, often non-verbal message was communicated.

Good News: Even if your credentials are not as prestigious as your competition, the pendulum will inevitably swing in your favor if you have better social passport skills. A stellar resume only goes so far. See article on why.

Social passport skills are important during every interaction, whether formal or casual.

Social Passport Skills
  • Increase your chances of attracting more customers, donors, better job candidates and business referrals.
  • Connect confidently with others and strangers at social events.
  • Learn about non-verbal signals and red-flag emails which harm rather than help your chances.
Crystal Rockwood has trained hundreds of organizations and private individuals in Emily Post Institute’s Business Etiquette, and RCC’s Social Passport Skills for better relational capital.

Our services are customized to organization, individual needs. For a full list of our seminars and trainings, see: Training


5 star review
“Thank you again for coming to Boeing and addressing our engineers and finance managers. Your session was informative, memorable and fun. Practical guidance on business manners and courtesies are hard to come by these days. I hope you can return for another session.”

— Terralee Pettinger, Boeing Business Operations

5 star review

“Crystal R. is an excellent presenter. Our guests had fun while learning basic techniques of Etiquette. Ms. R. worked well with the audience, making the learning experience not embarrassing but rewarding. We look forward to booking Ms. R. for many more “etiquette” seminars.”

— Kristy Villanueva, Director Industry Relations at Printing Industries Association, Inc. of Southern California

5 star review

“We invited our clients to the grand opening of a new building. RCC gave us a presentation in Social Passport Skills which included surprises about our top clients’ personal interests, some we didn’t know! When the guests arrived our management team made such good impressions we came away with new business!”

— Marketing Director, International Law Firm