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Social Passport Skills
Business Etiquette
Media Relations
Community Relations
Crisis Management
Getting to Zero – Sexual Harrassment

Long-time employees, new hires, senior management – everyone needs a refresher from time to time.

We’ve trained hundreds of teams in dozens of industries covering topics like Media Relations, Business Etiquette, Public Relations, Crisis Management and of course, Social Passport Skills. All of our trainings are customized to your audience.

Social Passport training helps communications

Social Passport Skills
Customizable Training According to Need

A dynamic combination of network development strategies, public relations and business etiquette training, this trio yields an advantage in developing optimum relational capital. Includes training in spotting micro-expressions/aggressions. Learn how to increase comfort, confidence and effectiveness in team leadership, team member building, sales, donor relations, conflict resolution and more.

Business Etiquette Training
Emily Post Institute

Trained by Emily Post InstituteAs an Authorized Trainer with the Emily Post Institute in their Business Etiquette Program, their materials and methodology are principally used in this training. These topics can be customized into a program to fit your specific objectives.

1. Why Business Etiquette?
2. What Is Etiquette?
3. Difficult Situations
4. Civility in the Workplace
5. Communication Etiquette
6. Introductions
7. Business Social Situations

8. Dining Etiquette – Full
9. Dining Etiquette – Short
10. International Etiquette
11. Workplace Etiquette
12. Enhancing Your Image
13. The 24/7 Professional
14. Social Media

Media press conference

Media Relations 101

• Role of Air Traffic Control
• Establishing Positive Media Relations
• Rules of Attribution
• How to Stay on Message
• Go-Bag Components
• Avoiding the Top 10 Ways to Annoy a Reporter

Press conference

Advanced Media Relations

• Message Development
• Customizing Scenario Templates
• Interviews, Ambush Requests
• Investigative, Hostile Reporters
• Message Management
• Corrections of Record
• Press conferences, Tours, Meetings

community relations training

Community Relations 101
Benefits of Productive Community Relations

• How to identify the various sectors and influencers within any community
• Realistic and efficient initiatives for making productive connections
• How to become a valuable asset to your community
• How to spot red flags about your organization’s local reputation

stopping a crisis in its tracks

Crisis Management
Preparing for the Inevitable

• Communication Protocols
• Creating Emergency Response Teams
• Understanding the Four Crisis Categories
• Scenario Planning
• Identifying Potential Triggers
• Best Practices for crisis media engagement
• Staying on Message – Internal (clients, donors, team, etc.)
• Timing and Strategy on Post-Crisis Marketing, Outreach

dealing with sexual harassment

Getting to Zero: Sexual Harassment

Despite the ever “zero tolerance” policy of sexual harassment in the workplace, and countless trainings, it continues. Well intentioned trainings typically overlook the epicenter. Further, traditional instruction ignores other true costs of incremental "low level" harassment, such as willingness or eagerness of employees to look for alternative employment, reluctance of current employees to recommend or bring in promising new employees, as well as a general malaise in the workplace, which results in low productivity and motivation.

We help management in their goals to stop sexual harassment and show potential victims strategies to protect their reputation.

  • How to deal with compounded scenarios involving clients, management’s friends and family
  • Identifying factors which encourage a sexualized climate; actions to take if these are not in your control
  • Identification and avoidance of gendered or dismissive comments in feedback and review situations
  • Impact of low-level comments and behavior over time
  • How to help off-site events remain in the zero-tolerance zone
  • How to avoid retaliation situations once a claim has been made


5 star review
“Crystal R. is an excellent presenter. Our guests had fun while learning basic techniques of Etiquette. Ms. R. worked well with the audience, making the learning experience not embarrassing but rewarding. We look forward to booking Ms. R. for many more “etiquette” seminars.”

— Kristy Villanueva, Printing Industries Association, Inc. of Southern California

5 star review
“Time and time again, Crystal has demonstrated the ability to manage crisis communications effectively and to train clients the proper way to react to public relations challenges.”

— Todd Friedland, Business Litigation Attorney, Stephens Friedland LLP

5 star review

“Many, many thanks for a great presentation ... very informative and engaging. Student reaction was very positive and they are glad you were part of the course syllabus. Your messages are exactly what they need to learn as they prepare for the real world in communications.”

— Irv Cuevas, Professor, Cal State University, Dominguez Hills

5 star review

“From public school labor strikes and Malibu wild land fires to improving the image of the hospice industry, she has the unique ability to make complex and confusing issues understandable to the average citizen.”

— Don Parker, President, Board of Directors, San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District, Former Fire Chief, Vallejo, CA

5 star review

“Crystal Rockwood developed an effective firm-wide media strategy and taught us public relations skills. From the Senior Partners and Marketing Director to the secretarial and reception area staff, everyone participated. Our joint efforts paid off. We became widely recognized and respected throughout California.”

— Marilyn Philipp, Law Firm Administrator, Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud & Romo

5 star review

“Thank you for the awesome content and reminders in the etiquette training. Your impact goes a long way on our team and we are better because of you.”

— Team Leader

5 star review

“Your training is something that I will keep for the rest of my life. It's that valuable.”

— Sales Manager